Anonymous Melancholy 

     It is all about the sudden absurd restless feeling that hits in when you think the day is passing well and normal,when you think you are sated enough for a day to be.Admist all the chaos you suddenly feel like something is falling apart,like the world is twisting away and nearing a hurricane of emotions. Emotions you don’t recognise as such.. 

Oh but yet,you are feeling them out of nowhere,when suddenly the crowd around goes mute and all you can feel is the massive tsunami of emotions drowning you, consuming away all the peace contained on the inside.. 
Clueless of the happenings, you drag through the day behaving normal yet trying to figure out the anonymous feeling.. though the world outside feels nice,yet is it gloomy.Whilst a sudden flashback hits reminding of all the pretty memories spent,spreading an unusually awkward smile on the face..

The sudden rememberance of memories puts in a sweet yet sad feeling into you.. The very anonymous melancholy you feel because time never stopped moving ahead making you wish,only if the moments could freeze in place,We could never split ways and would never only remain an overwhelming memory of splendid days  …

   -Anuradha Bhor


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