The Moment

Of those times when there is nobody around the corner..many amazed the sight but none overwhelmed the heart.

Suddenly struck one out of nowhere,a striking pretty face,a widespread smile full of self grace.

A moment of quick revel

had so much to say,

So much to confess,                              

But as he stood infront of me            

every breath I took was just a mess.

The world Froze still..

Felt as an extraordinary smile convened the broken piece of my feeble heart.                                      

His potent eyes possessed mine as the world around went oblivious

In that very moment my heart infatuated,                                        

More to a bit,but enough to cause my adrenaline a berserk rush               

My spine got chills as my dopamine levels hurricaned.. He walked passed me while I ended up a little disaster insane..                    

Just when a part of me got cursed for not being expressed

The other part waited forever,

To relive the moment and experience that very emotional fest..

  -Anuradha Bhor


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